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Welcome! I'm Jan Noyes.

Read on and discover how you can be a confident presenter, facilitator, public speaker and communicator using presentation skills that are tested and proven absolutely successful. Great presenters have a tried and true presentation plan they can depend on. You can too.

It's a given.....you want to put your ideas into a workshop form that is effective and successful. You want to present your topic with confidence and have people learn with interest and enthusiasm. You want the presentation experience and the entire workshop experience to be enjoyable and rewarding.

You're reading this now because your intention is to create and present a great workshop, a workshop you can be proud of. I can help you do just that.

The good news is, there is a proven and time-tested master workshop plan that gives you consistently rewarding and effective results. I learned this remarkable plan from a master presenter years ago and I'm passing it on to you. Using this easy to follow and proven plan makes your workshop, seminar and presentation of any length a guaranteed success.

With this presentation plan you will:

  • Create successful workshops and training seminars step-by-step.
  • Plan, prepare and present with confidence.
  • Open and close a workshop and do everything in between.
  • Use training aids, activities and stories to enhance your presentations.
  • To start a new seminar business.
  • Establish and maintain rapport.
  • Master public speaking fear.
  • Communicate with clarity.
  • Get the successful results you desire.

Many people tell me they lack confidence in their presentation skill. They want to create effective presentations but feel unsure about how to go about organizing their information into a successful and appealing presentation form -- or they worry that their presentation is getting stale and needs reorganizing.

Well, there's help!

I put together a step-by-step manual on how to develop, organize and lead effective presentations –- an easy to follow yet thorough guide that leads you through each part of planning, preparing and presenting.

How to Create and Present Great Workshops
is for beginning workshop and seminar leaders AND for experienced facilitators and trainers who want to refresh their presentation skill and reorganize their presentations.



Your ebook is one of the most well-written, detailed and concise pieces of work I have read in a LONG time. I have done many seminars but you still pointed out areas in which I was saying, "Ah-ha, yeah, that would work." This book is a MUST have for beginners and those that believe they have put on seminars or workshops. I've already learned more that I knew!!

Barbara Antinoro, Sales Trainer and Director of Children's Foundation
San Diego, California


Just mold your topic to this master plan.

Creating a workshop is easier than you think when you have the right information and a clear plan to guide you. Here's a a step-by-step presentation master plan, one that's been proven successful time and again. This manual has it all. An added benefit is that it works for any topic and workshop of any length.

You don't have to be an experienced public speaker to share your knowledge and expertise. But there ARE some things you need to know to make your presentations effective, successful and enjoyable for both you and your participants. And you can start right now.

Find out more about How to Create and Present Great Workshops and the fantastic bonuses you receive with your purchase!

I've combined my presentation skill as a public speaker, teacher and workshop facilitator and my knowledge of neuro-linguistics and accelerated learning into a manual that leads you through every step of your presentation. You may know about those subjects or not, it doesn't matter. I've done the research and work for you. I've put what I know into a form that makes it easy for you to succeed.

It's a pleasure to share with you what I know about effective presentation skill and communication. I have all the confidence in the world that once you have this information to guide you, you'll plan, prepare and present absolutely successful workshops and seminars and get the outcomes you desire.

Go to How to Create and Present Great Workshops and learn more about the manual and the fantastic bonuses or download the manual and the bonuses right now.

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